Colony (self titled)

Based out of the Meadowlands of northern New Jersey, Colony formed in the later months of 2007 initially consisting of Jesse Derosa(guitar,vox), Les Barbire(bass, vox), John Carluccio(drums, vox). Having no preconceived ideas as to what would come from their initial jam sessions the three began molding together bits and pieces of their collective influences to set the foundation of a still raw batch of riffs and passages.With the addition of Jimmy La Grutta(guitar, vox, programming, synth) and Brian Kim(Saxophone, guitar, vox) these ideas were expanded on and songs began taking on a life all of their own. They then took these songs down to Exeter Studios in Freehold NJ to assemble and record what would be their debut s/t full length album with the help of Joe Dell'Aquila at the board. Their sound can somewhat be described as taking the structural sensibilities and instrumentation of post-rock, the soul of folk/blues, amplified by the energy/desperation of punk and metal and then throwing it all into a big blender of spastic psychedelia. Whatever you want to call it, it exists and they want to share it with you if your down for the ride.