E to the Eye Pie Equals One

Trtl Soup: E to the Eye Pie Equals One

"E to the Eye Pie Equals One" is the full length debut release from Trtl Soup built around recordings done over the past 3 years. Ranging from the loud and energetic "Wall Street Wants His Bottle" and "Belly Talkers" to the more ear-pleasing "Ely (Nevada)" which builds off of a spaghetti western whistle to create a full desert landscape. Songs like "Ben Seaver", "Grandmaster Fascist" and "Halitosis" are prime examples in the Trtl Soup recipe of not standing in the same place for more than one micro-minute. Using as many different ingredients as possible, Alex is afraid of his audience hitting a state of boredom so he does all he can to keep that from happening. The album concludes with the epic narrative "Turtle Soup" which is in essence the most typical of Trtl Soup tracks. This final track evolves many times telling a story both verbally and musically which ultimately leads to a very appropriate closer to both the album and the live performance.